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Posted Thursday, November 6, 2014 by soy

I got sick of UOG pretty fast.. I rarely login anymore. The last few days I've been screwing around in World War 2 Online.. It's pretty fun, I guess. I've pretty much seen all there is to see though, and playing the game fulltime is pretty pointless. All that stays with you is rank and kills, and the map gets reset all the time.. So fighting is ultimately just for bragging rights. I probably won't renew my subscription, but it's a good time waster for now.

You can see some pics I've taken the last few days here.

UO Gamers
Posted Wednesday, October 29, 2014 by soy

A few of us have been playing the RunUO developer sponsored shard UO Gamers pretty often lately. I know rutabaga, schoon, deleran, and myliobatis have been playing. We've yet to get a guildstone or anything.. Maybe we will.

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I mostly just run around with the brit GY reds (nara, erax0r, duel) killing whoever.. It's mildly entertaining.. And atleast it's somewhat similar ruleset to classic UO. Skillgain is way faster, but I actually kinda like that.. Cause I'm a lazy bitch..

Here's a pic of where our current house is. Ruta is the owner.

Update shmupdate..
Posted Monday, October 20, 2014 by soy

Nothing much clan-wise to update about. But uh, seeing as the clan basically consists of me and a few others.. Anything we do is clan acitivity..

We've been playing on the RunUO developer backed shard.. We being me and rutabaga. There are some others from #hardcore but I'm not sure who.. Maybe Deleran? Schoon? Maybe I'll draft them onto the roster eventually.

I've been mostly playing BF1942.. Played through max payne 2.. That was good..

That's all, just updating this to make it not look so stale.

Posted Saturday, October 11, 2014 by soy

As if we didn't have enough problems already, we are now engaged in a fierce war. More information can be obtained here.

Just a little free sty-o
Posted Thursday, October 9, 2014 by soy

I was reading this rant today over at wtfman.com, talking about how we're stuck in a rutt of cookie cutter EQ clones and the like. It's true, so very true.

That being said. Darkfall really worries me. It's like all our eggs are in one basket, that is in greece. Literally.

So anyways, the last few days I've been playing Tiger Woods 2014. I managed to get some screens of my friend in a naughty pose. For the record, Balthazar (me) is the clan tiger woods grand champion. Wut now?

Oh yeah, and a few of the members have talked about going to play on Azaroth's (from wtfman) classic UO shard. I'm certainly willing to give it a try. I could use some sexy UO shots for my gallery. Let's just hope that I can dismember bodies, and that the parts don't decay.

Ahem, cough cough..

If you're interested in seeing some Half-Life 2 Beta screens, get ahold of me.

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